Monday, January 7, 2008

Rivers and Streams in Panti Bird Sanctuary

Both the tributaries of Sg. Johor and Sg. Sedili Besar flow from the Gunung Panti ridge. But most of the Order 1 and Order 2 streams in the Panti Bird Sanctuary are part of the Sg. Sedili Besar watershed. Sg. Padang, Sg. Merbau and Sg. Terap are the three major tributaries of Sg. Dohol, which itself a tributary of Sg. Sedili Besar. The water quality of these sandy-bottomed, slow- flowing streams were relatively clean although anthropogenic activities such as land clearing for agricultural purposes, sand mining etc. might affect the water quality of the streams in long run.
Sg. Merbau, Sg. Padang, Sg. Terap and other small streams in Panti Bird Sanctuary are basically clean as these streams are in Class 1 and Class 2 according to INWQS (Interim National Water Quality Standards).

Class I : Conservation of natural environment, Water Supply 1 – practically no treatment necessary.Fishery I – very sensitive species;

Class IIA : Water Supply II – conventional treatment required. Fishery II – sensitive aquatic species;

Class IIB : Recreational uses with body contact;

Class III : Water Supply III – extensive treatment required;

Class IV : Irrigation;

Class V : None of the above.

Order 1 and Order 2 streams, due to their small sizes, are very vulnerable - any disturbance will cause major impact both on water quantity and quality. All the activities must be monitored to reduce the impact. Certain activities might have to be prohibited.

As more visitors began using the Panti Bird Sanctuary, facilities such as toilets and solid wastes collection must be upgraded. Maintenance and enforcement of riparian zones on both sides of the stream banks (about 20 m or more). Therefore, campers have to camp in designated areas only.


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